“If joint legal custody of a child is awarded to the parents, there is a rebuttable presumption that both parents have joint physical custody of the child. Joint physical custody of the child is defined as equal time-sharing.”


Let me be honest with you: putting this website together and getting involved in the issue of family law and parent rights under that law is something I never dreamed I would be doing. I bet there was a time not so long ago you would never have dreamed you would be reading this seeking information about the subject of fair and legal rights for yourself as a parent.

We both have experienced things we wish we had not experienced in the realm of divorce and even more unfortunately In the loss of precious and valuable time in parenting our children. It’s bad enough that our marriages failed for whatever reason they did. No doubt that failure makes you sad as it does me.

What makes this website necessary and your search for its information is not just sad, it is tragic in my opinion. Parents, whether father or mother, should not be deprived of either quality or quantity time without reasons that are clearly in the best interest of our children. You will find in our Mission Statement what we at SCC4PC are working to accomplish through the judicial system we all want to honor and trust. I hope you are helped by what you read and then will come help us accomplish our mission.We're also excited about upcoming programs for kids sponsoved by TruGreen lawn care.

God Bless,
Joe Carter, Founder and Father


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